Buddy Program

The UPPS Buddy Program has evolved from a partnership with the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, to foster positive peer connections across different age groups, building a culture of respect and inclusivity across the school.


Grade 5 students visit the local kindergartens on several occasions throughout the year, establishing relationships with the future Foundation students, which supports them in their transition to Primary School. In Grade 6, students are partnered with Foundation students, sharing Buddy Lunches and learning experiences together, and providing our new students with a supportive buddy at school.

Likewise, our Grade 3/4 students are buddied with the Grade 1/2 students, they are encouraged to learn about each other and taught to engage in conversations during Buddy lunches and other activities.

We also partner with Rosamond Special School, giving our Grade 6 School Leaders the opportunity to visit and support young students at the school, building their citizenship skills and community awareness.

The Buddy Program is a vital factor in reducing bullying, by ensuring our students are actively engaged in demonstrating kindness, caring and respect towards others throughout their school life.

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