Brimbank City Council

UPPS has been working with Brimbank City Council on a number of initiatives that provide our students with a strong sense of connection to their immediate and broader community.

Some of the projects include:


Dynamic Young Leaders Program

The Dynamic Citizens of Brimbank project covered four core elements:

  • Learning about local government and its role in the health and wellbeing of its community, in a fun and interactive learning approach.
  • Learning about Council processes and how to get involved to improve health, wellbeing and social connectedness in Brimbank.
  • An opportunity for students to discuss ideas on how to improve their community to Brimbank’s Mayor, Councilors and respective Departments.
  • An opportunity for students to represent their community and voice any concerns to Brimbank’s Mayor, Councilors and respective Departments.

University Park worked collaboratively with Brimbank City Council to assist the students participating to build their civic citizenship skills, connection to community and feel they have a voice.

The program saw students develop a community project, where they created a community seat that

Brimbank School Mural Project

Students in Grade 34 worked with a local artist to create a mural connecting our school with our shared community oval.

School Council

School Councils play an important role in Victorian government schools. A well-informed and effective school council strengthens community confidence in the school and helps to

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Parents & Friends

The University Park PS Parents and Friends group is a valuable part of our school community and a great way to engage with other parents,

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Smith Family

University Park PS works in partnership with The Smith Family, providing vital support to disadvantaged families, ensuring all students have access to the resources and

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Theircare (OSHC)

TheirCare opened at University Park Primary School in April 2018 and the service continues to grow every year. Theircare is situated in building 3 near

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