The UPPS Team




Natalie Cummaudo

Assistant Principal - Student Wellbeing and Engagement

Linda Bekhet

Assistant Principal - Teaching and Learning

Sharon Boucher

Literacy Learning Specialist & Leveled Literacy Intervention Teacher

Carly Abrey

5/6C Classroom Teacher & Numeracy Learning Specialist

The Foundation Team

Leonie Hooke

FA Classroom Teacher & PLC Leader

Carolyn Pedler

Foundation Team Teacher

The 1/2 Team

Donna Oram-Parkinson

1/2A Classroom Teacher

Jeanette Muscat

1/2B Classroom Teacher

Rachael Foley

1/2C Classroom Teacher & PLC Leader

Georgia Sale

1/2D Classroom Teacher

The 3/4 Team

Amber Medina

3/4A Classroom Teacher & PLC Leader

David Falzon

3/4B Classroom Teacher

Kara Bell

3/4C Classroom Teacher & PLC Leader

Michelle Borg

3/4D Classroom Teacher

The 5/6 Team

Gabby Ciantar

5/6A Classroom Teacher & PLC Leader

Annalia Panagiotou

5/6B Classroom Teacher

Carly Abrey

Grade 5/6C Classroom Teacher

Tamara Elshaar

5/6B Classroom Teacher

Specialists Team

Tamara Elshaar

Physical Education Teacher

Jude Azzopardi

Visual/ Media Art Teacher

Carolyn Pedler

3/4D Classroom Teacher & Japanese Teacher

Natalie Porter

Performing Arts Teacher

Intervention Team

Natalie Porter

Leveled Literacy Intervention & Performing Arts Teacher

Mick Mirovic

Numeracy Intervention Teacher

Education Support Staff

Kathy Kalavrianos

Office Manager

Hoa HaTruong

Business Manager

Nahid Hossain

Education Support

Andrea Ouchirenko

Education Support

Dianne Jansen

Education Support

Katrina Singarella

Education Support

Ingrid Watson

Education Support

Matt Smith

Education Support

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