Intervention and Extension

At UPPS we offer every student the opportunity to be supported with, and extend their learning. We approach intervention and extension using the Tiered Model of Intervention.
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Tier 1

Intervention focuses on high impact teaching practices that enhances learning for all. This means that teachers cater lessons to various learning abilities and knowledge, and embed rich practice to ensure that all students are supported and challenged in every lesson across all curriculum areas.

Tier 2

intervention is a small group based model. We offer this intervention for both Literacy and Numeracy. The small group interventions include:

  • Levelled Literacy Intervention
  • SoundsWrite
  • Numeracy Intervention

Tier 3

Intervention is more needs based under the PSD model of support where students eligible receive support based on their needs and funding allocations.

Literacy & Numeracy

At University Park Primary School, students are engaged in high quality learning experiences, where all students are supported to learn and achieve. Literacy Our teachers

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Our whole school investigations program uses a directed inquiry cycle model. This means that our students are active members in the learning cycle. Directed inquiry

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Digital Pedagogy

Developing capable digital learners who operate technology efficiently and safely is a priority at UPPS. We enable students from Grade 1 – 6 to utilise

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The Arts

Our students take part in an Arts program that focuses on visual and media arts. Visual Arts In Visual Arts our students are provided with

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Physical Education

The Physical Education program at UPPS aims to nurture a love of physical activity and a deep understanding of how physical activity benefits our physical

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Student Leadership

Every student is a leader at UPPS. We provide lots of opportunities for students to develop their sense of self and scaffold them to take

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