Harmony Day





Our school celebrated Harmony Day on Friday, 20th March. Students and Staff were joined by family members for a whole school picnic at lunchtime. Finding something orange to wear wasn’t easy, so we saw a few interesting and creative solutions. The Grade 3/4 students enjoyed playing GaGa (Israelian Dodgeball) and Darma (a game from Macedonia).  Special thanks to Galina Dimitrova, a parent of one of our Grade 1/2 students, for sharing her short story “Rain, Moon and Sunday”, which beautifully illustrates how fortunate we are to live in a country which embraces all cultures. Thank you to everyone who participated in helping to spread the message that ‘Everyone Belongs’.


The following story was written by Galina. She wrote this story in 2006, as an EAL student entry in a Brimbank City Council Short Story Competition. Galina had only been in Australia for about one and a half years, and was learning English. Her story was awarded first prize and she won $300!  On the  occasion of Harmony Day, Galina wanted to share this story of three migrants who chose to make Australia their new home, with the hopes of a brighter future for themselves and their families.



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