Kids Teaching Kids



The Kids Teaching Kids program was developed in 1999 by environmentalist Arron Wood in order to empower school aged children to teach others about environmental issues and to take action in caring for our environment.

We know kids are prepared to take up the challenges of saving our environment when we give them responsibility to manage their own learning through the Kids Teaching Kids Learning Model.

This year, a team of 8 students will work together to present a presentation to students from other schools (many of whom are secondary aged students) around the topic of Think, Eat and Save at the Kids Teaching Kids event taking place at Westvale Community Centre on Friday 5th September.

Tahera Zarghar, Thao Tran, Mathilda Van Keulen, Celia Nguyen, Jordan Piscopo, Kobe Reid, Harry Singh and Ranier Urayenza have been working together to create their presentation for the event.

Mr Azzopardi